X-Men From The Ashes Infinity Comic 1 cover by Diogenes Neves
(Image Source: Marvel / Diogenes Neves)

X-Men Infinity Comic to Set Stage for From The Ashes

The Krakoa era of X-Men has come to a close with X-Men #35. Yet there are still questions unanswered and stories to tell in the build-up to the From The Ashes revamp. A new Marvel Infinity series, X-Men: From The Ashes Infinity Comic, will set the stage for a new age of Mighty Marvel Mutants.

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Marvel Infinity is an imprint of the Marvel Unlimited service. It offers exclusive digital comics, specially formatted for reading on tablets and smart phones. The line has published over 1,000 Infinity Comics to date, published by over 300 top creators. The new X-Men From the Ashes Infinity Comic is the latest title to join this esteemed collection.

X-Men: From The Ashes Infinity Comic Explained

The story of X-Men: From the Ashes Infinity Comic #1 picks up where X-Men #35 ended. The Anti-Mutant group Orchis is defeated and humanity saved from extinction. However, Charles Xavier’s dream of peaceful coexistence between Humans and Mutants is in greater danger than ever. Xavier himself turned on his students, joining Orchis in its final push against the X-Men. While this was part of a ruse to buy his students time, innocents still died. As a result, Xavier was publicly disgraced and willingly incarcerated for his crimes.

This leaves Xavier’s first pupils, Cyclops and Phoenix, in a tough spot. Scott Summers, heir to Xavier’s dream, is determined to reform the X-Men. Yet Jean Grey, once again bonded to the Phoenix Force, has larger, cosmic concerns. Beyond that, the young couple need to take time to themselves, to assess their relationship in the wake of all that has happened. They are the future of the Mutant race, but is there still a future for Scott Summers and Jean Grey together?

X-Men: From The Ashes Infinity Comic #1 is now available for download from Marvel Unlimited.