G.I. Joe Classified Announces Retro-Style Redeco Line

One of Hasbro‘s initial seeming miscalculations with the 6-inch G.I. Joe Classified line was their release of key characters as Target exclusives. Instant sell-outs and empty shelves resulted, leaving many collectors annoyed. But Hasbro’s in the business of making money, and not about to leave a lot of it on the table. So it seems that many of those hard-to-find Target figures will see a refresh of sorts, along with alternate variants of other popular characters, in a retro-style redeco sub-line.

Revealed on today’s Hasbro livestream, the retro-line will likely have throwback packaging and retail at Walmart. The first wave will include the ever-popular Baroness, in all black with a new face print. Additionally, it will feature Gung-Ho in original toy colors with classic vest, and animated colors Lady Jaye and Destro (with eyebrows!). Plus those previously rare Vipers from Target will get an army-builder three-pack, probably as an online fan-channel exclusive.

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New to the Classified line will be Stalker, Tomax, and Xamot. Meanwhile, the ’80s-style O-ring line adds two new two-packs: a Cobra troop builder set, and Duke and Cobra Commander in the animated movie colors. That last one should also include accessories to recreate their fight in the film’s opening sequence.

Get a look at all the reveals in our gallery below. Which do you like best? Let us know in comments.

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