Starro Will Be McFarlane Toys’ Next DC Comics Build-a-Figure

No doubt inspired by The Suicide Squad, but no longer bound by secrecy non-disclosure forms, McFarlane Toys will finally make Starro the conqueror. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this figure will take a while to complete. Like the Batman Beyond Jokerbot wave, it’s gonna get drawn out over the year at Target, through four individually released figures. The first, however, can be preordered now. It’s Earth-3 Superman, a.k.a. Ultraman. The founder of the Crime Syndicate sets the tone for the rest of the wave, which will follow a Crime Syndicate theme. Each $24.99 figure will include part of Starro, as well as a bendy baby Starro that can fit over figures’ heads.

One figure that will not come in this wave, but is also a Target exclusive fans can preorder, is Zur-en-arrh Batman. With his uniquely colored outfit, he looks like a garish Hasbro variant from the ’90s. But this Batman has something darker going on behind the bright colors. Triggered by a psychiatrist with the catchphrase “Zur-en-arrh,” Bruce’s mind is meant to shatter. But he prepares for it by creating an entire back-up Batman persona.

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No word yet on the identities of the other three Crime Syndicate figures. But consider the plastic version of Project Starfish in full effect. And nobody even has to fly to Corto Maltese.

Will you collect this new Starro figure? Let us know in comments.

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