Hot Toys’ No Way Home Doctor Strange Puts a Spell on Us

Before going completely mad in the Multiverse, Doctor Strange casts a pretty big spell in Spider-Man: No Way Home. One so big, it powers most of the plot from there on. And in Hot Toys‘ latest figure of the would-be Sorcerer Supreme, fans can recreate all the spellcasting. Packed with a “levitating” platform, containment cube, and many magical effects, the No Way Home Doctor Strange looks truly magical. And yes, he lights up.

From the official description: “Sophisticatedly crafted based on Doctor Strange’s appearance in the movie portrayed by acclaimed actor Benedict Cumberbatch, the incredibly detailed figure features a newly painted head sculpt; Sorcerer Supreme’s signature outfit with intricate embroidery on the Cloak of Levitation adding a mystical touch to the costume; highly detailed mystical artifacts including the LED light-up platform with mystic art effects, the Eye of Agamotto, sling rings, mystic art effect accessories, interchangeable hands to recreate the spell casting scenes, mystic art effect diorama accessories and a dynamic figure stand.”

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Preorder now at $315 for shipment in just over a year from now. By that time, he’ll have appeared in two movies, minimum. Maybe more. Stephen Strange gets around.

Check out the gallery below for all the details. Then let us know what you think of the No Way Home Doctor Strange in comments.

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