Blood Hunt 4 Cover
(Image Source: Marvel / Pepe Larraz)

Doctor Doom & Doctor Strange Unite in Blood Hunt #4 Preview

Doctor Doom is widely considered to be the greatest villain in the Marvel Comics Universe. Despite this, he has often stood alongside Marvel’s heroes in defense of the Earth. It seems one such stand is imminent in the pages of Blood Hunt, where Doctor Strange has come to secure the aid of Doom.

Written by Jed MacKay, with art by Pepe Larraz, Blood Hunt #4 continues the story of Blade‘s apparent corruption. The Daywalker seemingly gave into his vampire half, leading an army of vampires to block the sun and take over the Earth. However, as Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange confer, it becomes clear that someone else is acting through Blade.

The first three pages of Blood Hunt #4 may be viewed below.

(Image Source: Marvel / Pepe Larraz)

Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange are frenemies

The partnership between Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom in Blood Hunt #4 is only the latest in a long and occasionally adversarial relationship. The two first met and joined forces in the story Triumph and Torment, where the Vishanti held a contest to appoint a new Sorcerer Supreme. While Strange won the challenge, Doom also passed the Vishanti’s tests. This earned him a boon, when he spent to secure Strange’s help in freeing his mother’s soul from Hell.

Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange in Triumph and Torment
(Image Source: Marvel / Mike Mignola)

Since that time, the two have worked together on several occasions, with Strange tutoring Doom in magical knowledge. While Doom acknowledges none as superior to himself, he does treat Doctor Strange with respect for what he has done and as a fellow wizard. It is possible he might even view Strange as a friend, though it is uncertain Strange would appreciate that honor. Nevertheless, the circumstances of Blood Hunt require the two work together once again.

Blood Hunt #4 arrives in comic shops everywhere on June 26, 2024.