The Fifth ThunderCats Ultimates Wave Includes Long-Awaited Bengali

While factory and shipping troubles mean that waves 2 and 4 still have yet to reach fans, Super7 just announced ThunderCats Ultimates wave 5. With assurances that all the stragglers should hit the company’s warehouse by year’s end, they’ve plugged ahead. And this wave contains quite the mix. Fan favorite white tiger Bengali arrives at last, complete with an anvil and hammer to re-forge the Sword of Omens. Captain Hammerhand, based more on his cartoon look than the original toy, kicks off the Berserkers in this line.

The original Evil Mutants see completion with Vultureman, the brains of the bunch. Finally, Mirror Lion-O is basically a straight repaint, but with all the customizing options he allows for a very different look than the original, if one chooses.

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All four figures can be preordered directly from Super7 through Dec 20. After that, or even before, sites like Entertainment Earth stock them for the same price, with deals on shipping. Note: Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network, and may earn fees based on purchases made through site links.

Will you preorder this fifth round of ThunderCats? Has the wait for previous waves been a deterrent? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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