NECA Mashes up Universal Monsters With TMNT for Frankenstein Raph

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles used to cross over with other licenses all the time in the original Playmates toys. Star Trek and Universal Monsters stood out among the most noticeable, as well as more generic superhero costumes. It helped that Playmates had Star Trek toy rights at the time, though having two licenses isn’t necessarily a free pass to combine them. NECA, however, has made it happen again. Still going strong with TMNT, and having recently started a Universal monsters line, they’ve done some weird science with the two. The result? Frankenstein Raph, due out in January.

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As Pixel Dan notes on Twitter, every time the Turtle toys have done Frankenstein cosplay, it’s been a different one. Only Leo has not donned the boots ‘n’ bolts yet.

What’s notable about this Frankenstein Raph is the realistic sculpt. While previous Turtle crossover figures emphasized a cartoon or comic style, this NECA mashup looks like a lost Jim Henson creation. He’ll fit in more with the company’s movie figures than their animated TMNT. The figure includes lightning-bolt sais, interchangeable hands, and a real metal chain belt.

NECA’s official announcement calls this the first in a line of figures. So presumably the other three Turtles — and maybe even April as the Bride — will follow. In the meantime, get a good look at Raphael in the gallery below.

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