Latest Spider-Man Retro Marvel Legends Sport Bright, Animated Colors

Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Outnumber all the other Marvel Legends, he can. According to this morning’s Hasbro livestream, anyway, Spider-Man lately gets more figures than the rest of the Marvel sub-segments. And that’s going to continue. Newly announced today, and going up for preorder tomorrow at 1pm EST at Pulse and other sites…another retro wave! Based on the ’90s animated series, featuring Toy Biz-inspired card art, these Spider-Man retro Marvel Legends capture the cartoon with more modern sculpts and articulation.

Hobgoblin, for example, will feature a smooth body rather than the chainmail textures his figures usually wear. Shocker boasts a new sculpt with updated pinless joints. And Hammerhead will use the heftier Happy Hogan suit body for his signature pinstripes. Symbiote-costume Spidey and Ben Reilly have the recently updated super-poseable body, while Spider Armor Mark 1 required a whole new sculpt.

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In addition to the Spidey friends and foes, Hasbro also revealed some retro-carded Marvel heroes and villains for next year, with release date TBD. Falcon, Loki, and “Trickster Loki” (a.k.a. female Loki) will get the O.G. Toy Biz styled packaging, featuring older figures with updated deco. And a bonus, previously unreleased head for classic Loki.

As a final tease, fans got to see what looks like a backing card for the figure stands previewed on the last stream. With a World War II-inspired image, it seems like an easy guess to whom the card belongs. Within certain parameters.

See all the reveals in our gallery below. Which is your favorite? Let us know in comments.

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