Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Retro-Carded Wave Revealed

With the Fantastic Four hitting 60 this year, Marvel Legends offers up a gift that’s better than a gold watch. It’s a new wave of figures, packaged on ’90s animated series-style cards. Doctor Doom previously came on one such card, but everyone knew it couldn’t just be a one-off. On today’s Hasbro livestream, the Marvel team revealed a full, six-figure Fantastic Four retro-carded wave. And there’s no build-a-figure, so if fans only want to upgrade one of the team, there’s no mandate to collect them all.

Now wearing the classic blue and white look, the team includes Ben Grimm/The Thing, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, and Johnny Storm/Human Torch. Ben includes two different heads, for fans of the toothless and toothy looks. Johnny sports line-work to match the Human Torch’s classic comic design. Reed includes swap-out arms and removable lab coat to give him two distinct looks. And Sue sports bigger hair, and an invisible shield. Hasbro Pulse will have exclusive variants of Johnny (non-flamed) and Sue (invisible).

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And since heroes need villains to fight, the wave also includes Psycho Man and High Evolutionary. In addition, the team revealed a new detail of the Frankie Raye Nova figure who’ll come with Galactus if the oversized figure gets 16,000 backers. She’ll include a fire base that works with other fiery figures like Human Torch. But if she doesn’t get unlocked with Galactus, nobody will see her any time soon. (Though the team did not say never!)

Finally, the team revealed that a previously teased Domino and Cannonball two-pack will now be a three-pack, with the addition of Rictor. And they hinted at an animated-style Morbius, via a hand with little bloodsuckers in it. All of these, save Morbius, will go on sale at 1pm tomorrow.

Take a look at the figures in the gallery below. Then tell us your favorite in comments.

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