Power Rangers in Space Villains Ecliptor and Astronema Get Figures

For an evil villain (mostly), Astronema sure doesn’t like being alone. As an action figure in Hasbro‘s Power Rangers Lightning Collection, she tends to come in a two pack. She was previously paired with Space Red Ranger Andros, but her newest iteration comes with an ally instead — her adopted dad Ecliptor, who also dutifully served as her second in command.

The new Astronema features more streamlined armor, and purple hair rather than blue. Her evil parent — who nonetheless saved her life and facilitated a final face turn — includes his massive sword as well as lightning effects for his hands. Ecliptor was a complicated villain who periodically tried to defeat and also save Andros. But as a being of evil, even Ecliptor’s occasional good instincts couldn’t save him from destruction. Perhaps in the hands of collectors, his fate can play out differently.

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Astronema, meanwhile, includes her spear and a power effect for it. Both she and her dark father come with extra hands for different fighting stances. The two-pack will be an Amazon exclusive that — no fooling — should arrive April 1st. Use the link below to pre-order now for $52.99.

Will you preorder the latest Lightning Collection duo? Check out the full figure gallery below and let us know in comments.

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