McFarlane Toys DC Adds Hazmat Batman, Animated Flash and More

Even Batman is masking up these days! Perfect for crime-fighting in the age of a pandemic, Hazmat Batman takes no chances with respiratory viruses, toxic chemicals, or any other breathable hazards. And it’s a figure so nice McFarlane Toys made it twice. Shell out an extra ten dollars to obtain a Target exclusive version with a light-up Bat insignia. He’s his own signal, in case he ever needs to summon himself. Seriously, though, this look comes from the Justice League Amazo Virus arc.

Hazmat Batman leads a handful of newly announced DC figures. In the Superman: The Animated Series style, McFarlane announced an all-new Flash, and a black repaint of Superman.

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And speaking of Superman, the company also did what many customizers already unofficially have. To create a DC Rebirth Superman, they utilized the Bizarro/Infected Superman body to create a cleaner, classic version. Finally one where the cape isn’t torn.

Entertainment Earth currently has the animated Flash and Superman for preorder. The others, save Target-exclusive Hazmat Batman should follow soon.(Note: Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network, and earns fees based on purchases made through site links.)

What do you think of these latest McFarlane Toys DC additions? Let us know in comments.

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