McFarlane Toys’ Lobo and Superboy Prime Now up for Preorder

They’re both sole survivors, of a sort. But that’s where the similarities end. Lobo, the fraggin’ space biker from Czarnia, and Superboy Prime, the only hero from a world where super powers are otherwise fictional. But now one more thing ties them together. Both Lobo and Superboy Prime have new McFarlane Toys action figures. And they’re up for preorder as of today, with an expected October delivery.

Lobo seems like a character absolutely made for McFarlane Toys to capture. Skulls, chains, glowing eyes with Alice Cooper-ish designs over them — it’s everything Todd McFarlane loves. The figure comes with a hook on a chain, and his vest that reads “Bite me fanboy” on the back. Superboy Prime is less in the typical McFarlane mode, but Superman variants sell. And versions that have been antagonists, as this one was in Infinite Crisis, have extra appeal.

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Superboy Prime includes a flight stand, and both Lobo and Superboy figures include the usual trading cards. At $19.99 apiece, these 7-inch figures remain among the best values out there right now. Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network, and earns fees based on purchases through site links. Both figures can be had at EE as of this writing.

Will you preorder one, or both? Let us know in comments.

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