McFarlane Toys Opens New Online Store, With One Exclusive

It’s been a while since a Spawn store existed online. But as of today, McFarlane Toys Store will become the new destination for collectors of the company’s action figures. Currently the store offers a selection of Spawn, DC, anime, and video game figures. And all of them at retail prices, which is a refreshing surprise. While there’s not much here a buyer can’t find in stores, LEGO-ish fans can score some less common Five Nights at Freddy‘s building sets. A couple of previously convention exclusive Spawn vinyls (no longer called “Turd Babies,” thankfully) show up too.

Todd plans more exclusives, but the first is a special repackaging of the Batman: Last Knight on Earth figure wave. Now in a single deluxe box with foil elements, it includes new trading cards and a fully assembled Bane build-a-figure. Preorders run at $124.99, which is $25 more than simply buying the original figures. You’re paying for cards, packaging, and exclusivity. And for collectors who don’t open packages, a non-dismembered Bane.

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But opening discounts are available. Spend $50, enter code Spawn50 at checkout, and receive a special variant Spawn Universe #1 comic. Random issues might even be signed. To guarantee a signature, however, spend $200, use code Spawn200, and the issue will definitely be autographed. Check out McFarlane’s Instagram for more.

Are you happy for the return of the Spawn store? Let us know in comments.

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