Hasbro Reveals Plasma Collection Ghostbusters: Afterlife Action Figures

With this morning’s trailer, Sony finally lifted a bigger part of the veil of secrecy surrounding Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Shortly thereafter, Hasbro followed suit, showing off the first Plasma Collection Ghostbusters: Afterlife action figures on their Facebook page. The collector oriented line previously included all the main characters from the first film; now it adds ‘busters old and new.

The new lineup of characters includes Finn Wolfhard’s Trevor, Celest O’Connor’s Lucky, Mckenna Grace’s Phoebe (Spengler), and Logan Kim’s Podcast. Accessories include a remote control trap on wheels, and a string of marshmallow Mini-Pufts. The vintage team includes the three surviving members of the original team in their gear: Venkman, Stantz, and Zeddemore. Plus there’s a newer incarnation of the Terror Dog, who may be an accessory or build-a-figure.

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Hasbro says Trevor, Podcast and Lucky should hit shelves soon. For whatever reason, Phoebe will hit later in the fall along with the veteran team. The previously released Plasma Collection Ecto-1 is not in scale with these figures, at 1:18 size while these are 1:12.

Take a look in our gallery below for a few more pics. Although maybe not if you prefer to remain unspoiled regarding the updated look of the original Ghostbusters and the Terror Dog.

What do you make of the newest Ghostbusters action figures? Ready to believe in them? Let us know in comments!

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