Mondo’s Comic-Con Animated Wolverine Figure Pines for Jean Grey

Many, many X-Men action figures have been made over the years. But toys specifically based on the original Fox Kids animated series never have. Toy Biz’s figures at the time looked similar, but were based on the same comics as the show rather than the animated artwork specifically. Now, however, Mondo has grabbed that niche. Kicking off a new 12-inch line, an animated style Wolverine will debut as a Comic-Con exclusive this Friday at 10 a.m. Pacific time on This exclusive version of animated Wolverine comes in a package that poses him on his bed. There, he looks longingly at a framed photo of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Other exclusives include a sad masked head, and a bonus Morph head.

IGN was the first to reveal this particular animated Wolverine figure. Presumably a non-exclusive version will show up later, since Mondo pretty much has a guaranteed best-seller here, even at $200. The figure comes with show-specific accessories like a turkey leg, and an electrified claw effect, as well as the usual bonus hands and alternate heads.

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Take a look through the gallery below to see everything included. But who’s going to open a figure that’s already posed so perfectly? Perhaps someone who buys two.

Will you make the purchase of broken-hearted Logan? Let us know in comments!

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