New Marvel Hot Toys: Iron Strange, Black Widow, Black Spidey, Deadpool

For deep-pocketed Marvel toy fans, today must feel like Christmas, with a whopping four new Hot Toys figures revealed. In a sign that Stark technology can cross over with anything, we get a concept art Iron Strange and an Armorized Deadpool. Which leads to many questions, like why would Doctor Strange need armor, and what maniac allowed Deadpool into War Machine’s arsenal? And from current and upcoming movies, we get a new Black Widow, and the best look yet at Spider Man: No Way Home‘s black and gold costume. Release and prices TBD.

Iron Strange depicts Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange in Iron Man‘s nano armor. Featuring all the tech weapons of Tony Stark’s suit, it also place the Eye of Agamotto where the Arc reactor normally goes. Special bonus versions of the figure also include mystic energy weapons like a katana. Though the figure derives from unused concept art, how cool would it be to see Strange swordfight with his version of a lightsaber?

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Armorized Deadpool includes LED lights in both the battle suit and Deadpool’s eyes. Exclusive versions come with a bonus hand cannon, because yeah, Deadpool needs even more recklessly endangering weapons. Black Widow sports her outfit from the new movie, along with a sculpted hairdo portrait in contrast to some of the rooted hair versions made in the past

Finally, the No Way Home black costume Spider-Man offers some hints about the new movie. While some online commenters think it looks Wakandan, the most notable upgrade is a “mystic web” shooter. Styled like Doctor Strange‘s mystical artifacts, the wrist mounted device appears to project webs made from magical energy. If web fluid gets low, guess it’s nice to have a magician around.

Check out all four figures in our extensive gallery below. Will any join your team? Let us know in comments.

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