Holy McFarlane Toys! Batman 1966 Action Figures Revealed

Today is 6/6, and in a nice bit of numerology, Todd McFarlane chose the date to officially reveal a long-rumored new toy line. Batman 1966, which previously saw a short-lived figure series from Mattel, will slide down the Batpole and into stores once more. And in keeping with the theme of six, these will be six-inch scale, rather than McFarlane Toys‘ usual seven-inch. This choice, presumably, is so that the Batmobile and Batcave playset, depicted in the first official image, can stay affordably sized.

Adam West’s Batman, Burt Ward’s Robin, and Cesar Romero’s Joker are now confirmed. Rumors say a Frank Gorshin Riddler, unmasked Batman, and surf/swim trunks versions of Batman and Joker might join that first wave.

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McFarlane Toys last made a foray into 6-inch scale with their Game of Thrones line. That one had the poor timing of debuting during the show’s last season, which proved less popular with fans. Considering the deep potential roster of Batman 1966, here’s hoping for longer legs. Catwoman and Penguin at least seem like musts.

Here’s Todd’s official Tweet:

Are you excited for this Batman 1966 reveal, Old Chums? Let us know below: same Bat-place, same Bat-comments!

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