Hasbro Star Wars Reveals First Mads Mikkelsen Action Figure and More

It’s “another round” of Star Wars figure reveals, and what more appropriate actor to immortalize in plastic than Mads Mikkelsen? Okay, his Galen Erso may not have been the most dynamic, action-packed character, but the actor is a franchise VIP, having appeared in Marvel, Star Wars, James Bond, and soon Harry Potter and Indiana Jones films. In celebration of Rogue One‘s fifth anniversary, he and Riz Ahmed’s Bodhi Rook will get 6-inch Black Series figures. In additional celebration, previous Rogue One action figures that came out with notoriously subpar actor likenesses will see rerelease with photoreal face printing. So yes, a Jyn Erso that finally actually looks like Felicity Jones is coming, and the hard-to-find Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus will get easier to obtain.

Later in the year, we can expect much more goodness from The Mandalorian. Expect Boba Fett in his Tatooine robes, Cobb Vanth, Fennec Shand, and Bill Burr’s Mayfeld in trooper disguise. In the smaller scale vintage collection, a Nevarro cantina playset will allow display of all 3.75-inch Mandalorian figures, including the upcoming Bo-Katan Kryze and Kuiil. And Bib Fortuna will get figures in both scales. Though they will resemble his classic look, rather than the obese version Boba Fett killed at the end of Mando season 2.

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The 2.5-inch scale Mission Fleet line will feature several vehicle firsts. These include a Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighter and Moff Gideon’s Outland TIE Fighter. And a downsized Razor Crest makes the newly iconic Mandalorian vehicle more affordable than the gigantic 1:1 scale Vintage Collection version.

Finally, Hasbro teased another crowd-funded HasLab project, this time for the 6-inch Black Series. But they hinted it would not be a vehicle. Which led fans to speculate it may be the Rancor they showcased in the display case at Comic-Con 2019.

Check out all the new releases in the gallery below. Which are your favorites? Let us know in comments.

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