G.I. Joe Classified Updates Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Recruits More

Hasbro‘s updated 6-inch G.I. Joe line remains so popular at retail that the figures regularly prove hard to find. But that search will only get bigger, as the company just announced some new additions to the ranks. A classic 1983-style Roadblock will arrive on deck first, with a preorder up at Amazon that’s so new it still uses a codename and placeholder text as of publication time.

Roadblock should arrive in September. Other figures shown off on a livestream this morning have dates yet to be determined. However, they include some other 1983 upgrades. Classic Commando Snake Eyes gets a deluxe set with his wolf Timber, who originally came with a later version of the character. And the Ram motorcycle will include Breaker as its driver, with a removable cannon he can carry. Barbecue, who joined the line a couple years later, is also en route. And Hasbro will also outsource the license to Jada Toys for small diecast figures. A remote control Vamp Jeep (not figure scaled) will also happen.

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Hasbro also promised they will reissue some of the scarcer Target exclusive figures. Considering they added some to Hasbro Pulse this morning and they sold out in seconds, they may need to up that amount even more. Fans can view the archived livestream below for more details:

For more official images of Roadblock, check out the gallery down below. And Entertainment Earth still has a few of the harder-to find figures in-stock and up for preorder (no Target exclusives, however). Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network, and earns fees based on purchases made through our links.

Are you excited for the new Joes? Let us know in comments. Because knowing is half the battle.

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