Threezero’s Hulkbuster Iron Man Is a Deluxe Addition to 1:12 Collection

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends has been going great guns with the Infinity Saga Collection. A new line of premium six-inch Marvel Legends figures from across the first 23 MCU movies, it rolled out many figures this past month. But now we know that Marvel won’t just confine the line to Hasbro products. Hasbro frequently licenses out  toys like Transformers to the higher-end company threezero. And on this line, they’ll do it once more. New to the 1/12 scale (a.k.a. six-inch figures),a big, elaborate Hulkbuster Iron Man is coming. It’s not cheap, but fans will get what they pay for.

Standing nearly 12 inches tall, the battle suit from Avengers: Age of Ultron features diecast metal parts, and 65 points if articulation. Although wya bulkier than the typical six-inch figure in the same scale, it can strike more poses, including the signature “hero landing” stance. And it’s designed compatible with the company’s prior six-inch Iron Man Mark 43 figure whose torso can separate and fit inside this giant armor. This pilot figure can be preordered via Entertainment Earth for $89.99. (We are part of Entertainment Earth’s affiliate program and earn fees based on sales made through our links.)

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There’s still more. This Hulkbuster Iron Man contains LED lights in its head, chest, and back. And it sports three pairs of hands in fist, relaxed, and shooting poses. It should look great next to Marvel Legends Infinity Saga figures, though the mostly meta and super-poseable construction costs a lot more, at $249.99. BigBadToyStore is one of the first to have it for preorder.

Take a look at more angles and poses in the gallery below. Will you add the giant Stark suit to your collection? Let us know in comments.

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