Hot Toys Reassembles Iron Man’s Suitcase Armor Suit

Iron Man 2 isn’t normally atop the lists of most fans’ favorite Marvel movies. But even those who don’t love it generally admit it has some pretty cool moments. Whether it’s Scarlett Johansson showing up as Black Widow for the first time, or Tony Stark actually getting to be the drunk he’s portrayed as in comics, it gets a few things right. And one of those was the suitcase armor. He just puts his hands in the thing, and it turns into an Iron Man costume, just like in the ’90s animated series. To celebrate 600 movie-accurate figures, Hot Toys just took a brand new crack at the suitcase armor Iron Man.

Unlike the movie, the toy can’t use CG for artificial slimming, so the armor on top of Tony’s racing suit will look bulky. But it captures the mid-transformation moment, just as a detailed “open” suitcase features all the pop-up armor bits just bursting to get out. And maybe $350 will burst from your bank account to get this by next summer?

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From the official description: “The movie-accurate figure is finely crafted based on Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the movie, features a newly developed Tony Stark head sculpt with specially applied battle-damaged effects; a stunningly detailed racing suit; LED light-up function design on arc reactor, and forearms; attachable Iron Man Mark V armor parts in defined proportion including helmet, chest and shoulders armor, upper back armor, thigh, and calf armors, hands with articulated fingers; skillfully painted in red and silver coloring with an astonishing metallic appearance; several pieces of interchangeable armors for different assembling looks; and a figure base.”

Dare we note that the racing suit makes us think of Stupid Sexy Flanders?

Check out the full gallery down below. Then let us know your thoughts in comments

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