Marvel’s Newest Prose Novel Revisits the Dark Avengers

Some of the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous villains are getting their own prose novel later this year. Aconyte Books has just shared new details for Dark Avengers: The Patriot List. In this latest adventure, Norman Osborn’s band of bad guys attempts to stop their enemies from exposing their evil deeds.

The novel comes from author David Guymer, who has previously written several books set in the Warhammer universe. Judging by the title and cover, the novel will feature Osborn adopting his Iron Patriot persona. He’ll also lead a team that includes Venom (Mac Gargan), Ares, and Moonstone. Additionally, The Patriot List is hitting stores under Aconyte’s Marvel Untold banner, which specializes in villains, magic-wielding heroes, and other characters “from the furthest corners of the Marvel Universe.”

Dark Avengers was a comic book series that debuted in 2009, shortly after Secret Invasion. After Osborn took credit for saving the world, he took over Avengers Tower and assembled a team of villains who passed themselves off as their heroic counterparts. The New Avengers were forced to go underground while Osborn’s team stole the spotlight.

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Here’s the official summary from Aconyte Books:

“Under Norman Osborn’s jurisdiction, the Avengers have been secretly re-formed with the very worst of super-villains. When S.H.I.E.L.D. loyalists break into the Avengers tower and steal footage that will compromise Osborn’s reign, it’s only the first move in a conspiracy to undermine the Dark Avengers. Norman Osborn and his Green Goblin alter-ego aren’t going to take interference lying down, and he unleashes the worst of the worst to crush whoever is responsible.”

So far, Aconyte has published four Marvel-themed novels this year, with even more arriving in the fall. In addition to The Patriot List, readers can expect new stories centering on characters like Fantomex, Ghost Rider, and the X-Men.

Dark Avengers: The Patriot List will hit bookstores on October 5. You can view the novel’s full cover below.

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