Hordak Joins Mondo Toys’ Masters of the Universe Sixth-Scale Collection

Mondo Toys first showed the prototype a couple years back, and fans have waited a while for official news. Today it’s here: their 12-inch Hordak figure drops online today. BigBadToyStore already has the regular version up for preorder, but Mondo will officially launch it on their site at noon (central time) today. As usual, expect an extra accessory for a slight upcharge with the Mondo exclusive version. Probably Imp, or an extra head, but that’s just a guess.

This Hordak hews pretty closely to the original action figure design, rather than the She-Ra cartoon version. With gray skin, cape and crossbow, the “most evil being in the universe” looks dressed for intimidation rather than battle. No cybernetic limbs on this guy, but he does include a version of the staff that came with his Classics figure.

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Mondo’s Masters of the Universe typically feature packaging sleeves depicting either Castle Grayskull or Snake Mountain, depending on the character’s alignment. With Hordak joining the fray from Etheria, his ought to have a new Fright Zone design. The original Horde playset is depicted in makeshift form in the photo gallery below, but it isn’t an official release.

If BigBadToyStore’s listing is anything to go by, Hordak will sell as one of the pricier figures in the line, at around $230. This simply seems to represent action figure price increases across all companies in 2021. He may sell out regardless, but these figures do get restocked — our friends at Entertainment Earth are still taking new orders on Man-at-Arms, for example. (Superhero Hype is part of Entertainment Earth’s affiliate program, and earns fees on purchases made through our links.)

Will the ruthless leader of the Evil Horde come home with you? Let us know in comments.

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