Hot Toys Previews Even More New Disney+ Star Wars Reveals

Hot Toys pretty clearly won the day that was May the 4th with the biggest and best Star Wars figure reveals. But before the day was over, they announced they weren’t done yet. Hot Toys previews of three more items yet to come highlight the Star Wars shows on Disney+. Namely, The Bad Batch and The Mandalorian.

The new Bad Batch item was teased this morning as part of the Echo reveal. It’s Hunter, the Rambo-like leader of the team. He’s also the first Clonetrooper to grow his hair long. Sign up HERE to get further notifications on him.

Joining The Mandalorian items comes the late, great, grandfatherly Ugnaught, Kuiil. He may have spoken, but his merchandise continues to do the talking for him. Sign up HERE to be updated on the old fellow.

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Finally, here comes the Mandalorian collectible that, if you only ever buy one, should fulfill every major need. It’s Din Djarin in his beskar armor on a swoop bike, with Grogu happily hanging out in the saddle bag. Everything most fans love about The Mandalorian in one, hefty, sure-to-be-pricey item. Sign up HERE to keep apprised of this mega-item.

Hot Toys collectors might need to save even more than usual, as the pace of Star Wars stuff looks unlikely to abate any time soon. Will you sign up for any of these highly detailed products? Let us know in comments.

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