Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Line Adds Odin and ‘Snap’ Two-Pack

The Marvel Legends Infinity Saga line, begun with Armored “Bro Thor” and Quicksilver, continues with two big new releases. We’ve never gotten a 6-inch figure of Anthony Hopkins’ version of Odin, and the Allfather finally joins the line. Complete with helmeted and unhelmeted heads, as well as his mighty staff, this won’t be a figure to sleep on. Switch out with a Loki head from a different figure to make him an impersonator.

Then for the first oversized item in the line, we get Thanos vs. Iron Man, in the final showdown that destroys them both. Previous versions of both characters saw release before, but Thanos only came in pieces as a build-a-figure. And Iron Man comes with all-new Robert Downey Jr. likenesses. and power accessories. Both feature finger-snap hands, and among Thanos’ alternate heads is a brand-new “disintegrating” portrait. Both characters’ armors sport more movie-accurate color deco.

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Odin comes in at $26.99, while the bigger climactic box set runs $62.99. By comparison, obtaining the original version of that Thanos cost $120, as it required purchasing six other figures. Both are available now at Entertainment Earth and other sites. (Note: Superhero Hype participates in Entertainment Earth’s affiliate program, and receives fees from any purchase made through our links.)

Take a look at these new figures from multiple angles in our gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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