Hasbro Marvel Legends Showcase Iron Man Wave and More at Fan Fest

Marvel Legends didn’t have it easy at Hasbro Pulse Fan fest 2021. Due to COVID-related movie delays, the team actually has several waves of figures ready to go that cannot be officially shown yet. But they did not come empty handed. A new comic-based Iron Man wave led off, with a few surprises.

As one might expect from an Iron Man wave, it includes three different Tony Stark armors. Stealth, hologram, and “modular,” which is to say the one Toy Biz used to make multiple figures of based on the ’90s animated series. Also in the wave: Ironheart at last, plus a Vault Guardsman, vintage Ultron, and Darkstar. Collect them all to build giant bear Ursa Major.

One movie-related figure the team could reveal was the character affectionately known as “Armored Bro Thor.” Packaged in an individual box at the $24.99 price point, he appears to be part of an Infinity Saga sub-line we’ve heard rumored. That’s good news for anyone who wants any movie-based figures from previous films that haven’t gotten made yet.

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A  full-size Eye of Agamotto is also incoming, featuring a removable light-up Infinity Stone, and necklace stand. And another HasLab crowdfunding project will involve the Fantastic Four. Speculation leans toward Galactus, though it could also be a Fantasticar.

Preorders for most of these go live at Hasbro Pulse and other retailers at 5 p.m. eastern. But one that won’t — yet — is Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth. Will this larger figure be a build-a-figure? They won’t say for now.

Take a look at all of them in the gallery below. Then let us know your thoughts in comments.

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