WandaVision and Carnage Join Disney’s Toybox Figure Line

Disney Infinity, the game which included Amiibo-like collectible figures for cross-property crossovers, didn’t last. But Disney Toybox, the action figure line which continued the design style, marches on. And while the aesthetic seems aimed at kids, the latest characters to grace the line are arguably not. Joining the line as of now are the (respectively) grief-stricken and dead Scarlet Witch and Vision, and symbiotic serial killer Carnage. The former pair just concluded their TV series, while the latter has a Venom sequel incoming from Sony. While it’s a fair bet neither would or will go into full R-rated territory, they feel like unexpected picks for this. But of course adult collectors probably make up the bulk of the buyers.

The stylized figures get around actor likeness rights by presenting caricatures. Scarlet Witch appears here in her WandaVision series finale magic outfit, while Vision features a translucent body. They resemble their TV designs, while Carnage, who comes with two symbiotic weapons, looks comic-based. Both appear for sale at Shop Disney as of now, alongside such in-scale characters as The Lion King‘s Simba and Toy Story‘s Emperor Zurg.

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Carnage, of course, will next be seen in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, portrayed by Woody Harrelson. The movie version may fall under Sony’s licensing rights, but Disney still owns the comics. Typically a Spider-Man foe, he’ll face off instead against symbiotic “parent” Venom onscreen.

At $18.99, the WandaVision two-pack seems a better deal than Carnage alone, who runs $12.99. Guess Disney’s counting on his bad-boy appeal.

Get a few more looks at the figures in the gallery below. Will you pick up these stylized Marvels? Let us know in comments.

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