Hot Toys Previews WandaVision Scarlet Witch and Vision Figures

It took the entire run of WandaVision to reveal Wanda’s Scarlet Witch costume. But now that the standard spoiler window elapsed, the floodgates of merchandise are opening. Among the licensees ready with an all-new Scarlet Witch figure? Hot Toys, of course. Though details are sparse at present, their figure looks to sport sculpted rather than rooted hair, and include a poseable cape with interchangeable glowing hands. Expect swirling red magic effects as well.

A new Vision accompanies Wanda, in his classic colors, though a white repaint seems likely too. Like his beloved, he’ll feature a poseable cape and a stand that allows for a levitating effect.

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Hot Toys has yet to make full details available, but fans can sign up for more information at the Scarlet Witch and Vision product pages. If they follow their usual pattern, each figure should run a little over $200 and become available in-hand about a year from now. It will be interesting to see if the company makes Agatha Harkness next.

To see the official preview images of Scarlet Witch and Vision, check out our gallery below. Will you preorder either one once they become available? Let us know in comments.

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