NECA Does Universal Monsters Figures With Frankenstein and The Mummy

The speculation has come to fruition. Once NECA started making Universal Monsters-inspired Halloween masks for LootCrate, the natural assumption was they’d try to go after the toy rights as well. And they have. While there’s no guarantee they’ll make all of them — Bela Lugosi’s estate hasn’t always approved Dracula likenesses — two Boris Karloff classics are almost ready. Yes, Frankenstein and the Mummy will get the ultimate treatment.

The Universal Monsters have had many, many toys over the years. So what makes these new ones must-haves? Judging by promotional images, they feature not just authentic actor likenesses, but also digital face-printing in black-and-white grayscale. Typically, figures based on black-and-white movies get painted flat gray. (NECA’s own Sin City line, for one.) But here it looks like shadows and contouring combine to create a figure who looks photo-real. To the photography of the era, of course.

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is considered by many to be the first science fiction novel, featuring a scientist who brings a man made of dead body parts to life. Pedantic fans constantly argue about whether or not Frankenstein can be the monster’s name, since it’s the name of the scientist. But since the scientist is trying to create a “son,” let’s just agree it’s the family name.

NECA released a full set of Frankenstein figure images, along with preorders set for June delivery. As of this writing only one image of the Mummy has leaked, but it’s a good one:

Check out all the Frankenstein pics in the gallery below. Will you go all-in on another Universal Monsters toy line? Let us know in comments.

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