Hot Toys Teases the First Boba Fett Figure From The Mandalorian

The question has been on every Star Wars toy collector’s mind since The Mandalorian kicked off season 2. When will we get new Boba Fett toys? The bounty hunter is a perennial in plastic form, and licensees continue to crank out figures based on his original trilogy look. But now, he’s older, has a canonical helmetless appearance, and already donned three distinctive looks on the show. So how quickly could toy companies turn that around into product? When do we get a current Boba Fett figure?

For a boutique company like Hot Toys that also uses existing base bodies, we now know the answer. They just dropped a tease for Boba, as seen when he first puts the old Mandalorian armor back on.

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Like all toy companies, Hot Toys knows the value of partial repaints when they have them on deck. So don’t be too surprised to see a Tatooine robed Boba Fett and a repainted armor Boba Fett soon thereafter. There’s no word of a release date yet, but expect them to show the full prototype in the next month for preorder, and delivery a year from now.

Now: Hasbro, Diamond Select, LEGO? The ball is in your court. Let’s see what you have.

Who wants more Hot Toys Boba Fett? Let us know in comments below.

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