Hero Collector Launches Marvel Museum Mini-Prop Replica Line

Regular movie props and prop replicas too pricey — or too big? Hero Collector has everyone covered. With the new Marvel Museum line, key items from the entire MCU Infinity Saga can come home in the 6-8 inch scale. each mini-prop comes hand-painted and made of polyresin. Furthermore, for display, the package includes a base displaying the logo of the movie in which it originates. Naturally, the first line is pretty heavy on Avengers, with three of the five items coming from Joss Whedon’s first film. Plus one key one from the Russo brothers’ Infinity War.

Here are the official descriptions:

Iron Man Mark VII Helmet 

The Mark VII Iron Man suit was deployed by Tony Stark at the climax of the first Avengers movie, to fight the alien invaders in the battle for New York. 

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The Infinity Gauntlet

Complete with all six Infinity Stones that can harness aspects of reality itself, this golden glove was wielded by Thanos as a tool of his mad ambitions.

Captain America’s Shield

A star-spangled disc of indestructible vibranium, created in World War II by Howard Stark, Steve Rogers’ signature armament survived into the modern day, protecting Cap from bullets, lasers and worse.

Black Panther’s mask

The sacred visage of Wakanda’s protector, the Panther Habit is a vibranium-weave suit worn by countless Black Panthers, and King T’Challa’s received a serious upgrade from his sister, Shuri.


The enchanted hammer of the God of Thunder, Thor’s faithful weapon was crafted from Uru metal, and returns to his hand when called – a trait that came in handy when the Hulk rampaged through the helicarrier.

Pricing will be revealed at a later date, when the Iron Man helmet kicks off preorders around May. With luck, it will allow fans to display key items at home without breaking the bank. Or the shelf supports.

What props would you like to own in this scale? Let us know in comments.

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