Star Trek: The Next Generation to Get Super7 Reaction Figures

Super7 and Star Trek are no strangers to one another. The San Francisco-based toy company previously made 3-3/4 inch figures for the original series, including some partly translucent “beaming up” variants. But time moves on, and now it’s Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s turn. Two assortments of retro-Kenner styled action figures, designed to play well with vintage Star Wars, will head to stores this year. One in spring, and one in fall.

The first wave features fan favorites Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lieutenant Worf, Guinan, Lieutenant Commander Data, and a Borg drone. Also Wesley Crusher, who was never a fan favorite, though actor Wil Wheaton has become a beloved nerd icon since. Reaction figures typically do not feature exact actor likenesses, to speed up the approval process. (And better resemble toys from 1980-ish.) No word on wave 2’s lineup, though Super7’s Brian Flynn has expressed a fondness for Riker, Lore, and Q. In addition to those already announced, of course.

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Of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Flynn says “I finally came to really understand the world of Star Trek in ways I did not when I was younger, and I can’t wait to celebrate that history with the toys that Super7 will be making.”

Will you try to beam these figures home when they come out? Let us know in comments.

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