Super7 Teases Upcoming Transformers Ultimates Figures

With this year’s annual Toy Fair significantly postponed, Super7 appears to be taking this week to make their own 2021 announcements independently. Godzilla was somewhat expected. But 7-inch Transformers Ultimates were not. In a Facebook post this morning, the company made the announcement, along with a tease for the first figure. It looks to be a sparkly ghost Starscream.

Super7 previously made non-transforming, animated-style Transformers in the 4-inch Reaction scale. But with Hasbro recently going all in on animated figures themselves, this outsourcing comes as a surprise. The Transformers’ home company recently introduced both a non-transforming, super-poseable R.E.D. line, and a Studio Series transforming line based on the 1986 animated movie. Will fans also buy into a made-to-order line like this one? Perhaps if it does primarily unexpected variants like this one. Or adopts a consistent scale unencumbered by the need to transform.

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Super7 Ultimates typically run around $45 plus shipping, and take preorders a year prior to release so that quantity matches demand fairly closely. Although many reuse body parts from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics, others are all-original. They previously did a Lion Force Voltron in this style, so robots have a precedent in this space.

Will you buy Transformers Ultimates? Let us know in comments.

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