Super7 Lands Classic Godzilla Toy License From Toho

Sometimes life just comes full circle. Toy company Super7 began life as a magazine dedicated to classic Godzilla collectibles; now, they have the rights to make some. In a recent press release, the company announced a new collaboration with Toho International to make classic Godzilla toys. Which is to say, not the current American incarnation. Moreover, they’ll kick it off with 3-3/4-inch action figures in the retro Kenner style.

From there, capsule figures, apparel, merchandise, and even 7-inch Ultimates figures should come next. While NECA previously created a fairly exhaustive line of Godzillas in that last scale, Super7 now has the opportunity to try something different. However, collectors of the NECA line should find these in a compatible scale for side-by-side display. Toho doesn’t usually license monsters other than Godzilla to U.S. companies, but fans would be all over any line that did.

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Per the announcement, “The first toy Super7 produced was a grey color variant of the Baremodel 1954 Godzilla, sold through a coupon available only in the first issue of the Super7 magazine in 2001.” Super7 president and owner Brian Flynn added, “It is not a stretch to say that Godzilla may be the most important license to Super7’s history, and one we hold with possibly too much reverence. The genesis of Super7 started with Godzilla, and we can’t wait to add that same Super7 love and affection to Godzilla’s future.”

Are you excited to see Super7 take on Godzilla? Stomp down to comments below and let us know.

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