First Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Teases a Big Kaiju Clash

It’s about time. With just two months to go until the (presumed) grand finale of Warner Bros. and Legendary’s Monsterverse, we finally have a trailer. And when the new skyscraper-sized Kong squares of against monster king Godzilla, it’s finally a fair fight. Godzilla vs Kong. The movie that exists purely because Legendary’s Thomas Tull wanted to see it. Oddly, Godzilla appears to be playing the “heel” in this battle, as he did years ago.

Who will win? Well, Legendary’s deal with Toho for Godzilla expires after this movie, and King Kong is at least partly public domain. And Kong prevailed in the original Japanese film pitting the two together. But realistically, even with the size differential eliminated, Godzilla seems much more powerful. Unless, like the other Titans in the Monsterverse, Kong can absorb radiation too. (He was injured by non-nuclear fire in Kong: Skull Island.) He seems to have found some sort of weapon that can deflect radioactive breath, anyway.

Check out the first look at their clash below:

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Both Kong and Godzilla in this continuity are essentially protectors of humanity. So chances are that like any superhero battle, it ends with them teaming up against something worse. What might that something be? Certainly there has to be a reason Godzilla’s acting so strange.

Which massive monster will you put your money on? Pick a winner and let us know who it is in comments.

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