Tamashii Nations Godzilla vs Kong Figures Enact All the Action Poses

Godzilla and King Kong aren’t exactly built for elaborate wrestling moves, most of the time. They’re big, bulk, and generally don’t meet much opposition. But when they have to fight each other, and their powers match up well, size doesn’t do everything. Fortunately, Tamashii Nations “S.H. MonsterArts” figures come loaded with unique articulation that allows for multiple realistic stances. For starters, these Godzilla vs Kong figures can strike the poster pose. And look almost as convincing as the real (CG) thing:

These figures will be in scale to each other and previous Godzilla-related figures. The big G stands 6.3 inches, with kaiju Kong at 5.7. U.S. price in these imports should top out around $68, and they arrive June or thereabouts.

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Kong includes the battle ax that appears to block Godzilla’s radioactive breath, and can stand upright or ape-style on all fours. Godzilla doesn’t need weapons, but his back spines are painted to reflect him charging up. Fans theorize that we may see other monsters in the movie, but none has been revealed yet. If and when another challenger enters the arena, Tamashii Nations will likely jump on that as well.

Will you snag these mighty monsters when they become available? Let us know in comments, and check out some more images in the gallery below.

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