Deadpool Movie Diorama Figure Coming to Walmart From Diamond

Hasbro started it with the X-Men movie anniversary action figures. Now other companies are following suit — Deadpool movie merchandise is on the table. Prior to the Disney-Fox merger, Marvel only pushed comic-based merchandise to coincide with the Fox films. But now the boundaries are down, and Diamond is answering the ample call for more stuff from the then-highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. And not only that, but their new Deadpool movie diorama will become more available than any prior Diamond Marvel diorama. For the first time, they’re headed to Walmart.

“Just call me angel, of the morning, baby…” From the unforgettable bullet-time opening scene of the first Deadpool film, the Merc with a Mouth sails through a flaming car wreck. His little self-portrait hangs in the air below him.

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The full sculpture, by Diamond mainstay sculptor Rocco Tartamella and designer Caesar, stands around 9.5 inches tall. At around $50, it’s cheaper than many similar products, in line with Walmart prices.

There’s a lot of potential here to do more. Thus far, it doesn’t seem like rights to Ryan Reynolds’ likeness have been secured. But considering he allowed them for Green Lantern toys, he shouldn’t have any objection.

Are you excited for Deadpool movie-based merchandise at last? Let us know in comments.

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