McFarlane Toys Rocks Batman With Dark Nights: Death Metal Figures

Todd McFarlane acquired the DC Comics toy license at just the right time, it seems. Because his tenure as toymaker just happens to coincide with longtime collaborator Greg Capullo creating probably the most McFarlane-y versions of Batman characters ever put to page. Yes, Death Metal Batman really does have a guitar that doubles as a literal ax. And a sleeveless leather trenchcoat, because the Batsuit just wasn’t “metal” enough.

None of this should come as news to anyone following the Dark Nights: Death Metal comics, but there are times when even Spawn might say, “Jeez, tone that outfit down a bit.” And that translates perfectly to the McFarlane Toys aesthetic. So the latest comics-based wave includes Wonder Woman with a chainsaw, Superman with shredded cape ribbons and knuckle dusters, guitar-playing Batman and the demented Robin King. Buy all four and build the Darkfather, who, naturally, mashes up Batman with Darkseid.

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Expect this wave of figures to hit stores around May. However, the skeletal Batcycle designed for this particular Dark Knight should arrive sooner, as part of an earlier wave. Other figures will just have to keep the seat warm for him.

Take a look at all the figures in the wave in our gallery below. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in comments.

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