X-Men and Transformers Mash-up for Blackbird Robot X-Spanse

Transformers has done quite a few mashups thus far with properties as diverse as Ghostbusters and Top Gun, but now they’re going full comic-book. Ultimate X-Spanse, the newest crossover robot, takes the X-Men‘s classic Blackbird jet design, and unfolds into a robot in classic blue and yellow gear. X-Spanse sports a Jim Lee-esque uniform predominantly based on Cyclops. But he also boasts an energy blade like Psylocke, and a tri-claw like Wolverine.

Revealed by Hasbro on Facebook, Ultimate X-Spanse comes with micro-figures of Wolverine and Sabretooth. He goes up for preorders now at Target, but should hit Gamestop and Hasbro Pulse in March. Priced around $64.99, he converts in 34 steps.

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From the official description: Worlds collide in this Transformers-X-Men mash-up pack! The iconic X-Jet from the X-Men animated series is now a Transformers robot, called Ultimate X-Spanse! Unlike the Sentinels, this robot is the ultimate mutant ally. This figure converts into a licensed Lockheed Martin jet in 34 steps and features deco and details inspired by the X-Men animated series. This figure comes with Wolverine and Sabretooth mini figures that can ride on figure in both modes and 3 energy blast effects: claw and slash effects to attach to figure’s hands in robot mode and an aura effect to attach around Wolverine mini figure.

Take a look at a few more images in the gallery below.Will you prepare to mutate your Transformers collection? Let us know in comments.

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