Flashpoint Comes to McFarlane Toys’ DC Figures, by Grodd

So it looks like McFarlane Toys‘ DC Multiverse will take on some projects besides Batman, after all. It’s no surprise that the creator of Spawn loves him some heroes with huge capes and swarms of bats in his wake. But one other thing he likes? The color red. And that seems to translate to a certain scarlet speedster, who already had two figures on the way, but now gets even more. Doesn’t hurt that one of his key stories has a new version of Batman in it, of course. But in Gorilla Grodd, he also has another McFarlane fave — big angry apes!

The big armored ape, one of several upcoming Flash-related figures, will hit stores next year. For good company, an Injustice 2 Flash figure should show up alongside him with characteristic swiftness. McFarlane Toys already announced and revealed a Thomas Wayne Batman from the alternate universe of Flashpoint, but now he’ll remove the mask for an all-new head sculpt.

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This will mark the third Flash figure from McFarlane, not counting Red Death. Perhaps it’s indicative of future diversification beyond the Big Three (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman).

Will you support more versions of the Flash and others? Do you believe McFarlane can stay away from Bruce Wayne for long? Let us know in comments.

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