Power Rangers Introduces Monsters Collection and Versus Two-Packs

Power Rangers Introduces Monster Collection and Versus Two-Packs

Hasbro‘s Power Rangers toys continue to “go, go” and even “grow monsters, grow!” As part of the collector-focused Lightning Collection, a new Monsters Collection will include larger, 7-inch foes from throughout the various shows. We’ve seen a few villains in the regular line, like Goldar and Lord Zedd, but they’ll be dwarfed by the upcoming King Sphinx and Pumpkin Rapper. The latter includes pumpkins to capture Rangers by the head, as well as his vines. King Sphinx, of course, has his staff and lightning effect.

Versus two-packs, meanwhile, commemorate classic rivalries. The SPD A-team versus B-team battle comes first, with sibling rivalry from the In Space Red Ranger and Astronema. In the singles collection, evil Tommy, Dino Thunder Red Ranger, and Z-Putty come aboard, while a metallic Pink Ranger, with Kat head for the first time, will sell exclusively at Hasbro Pulse. This wave and some others comprise a limited-edition reverse-colors packaging line for Target. (Regular packaging will be more widely available.

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For fans of the ’90s toys, Hasbro’s taking a crack at older styles. The classic Automorphers return, with improved (but still stylized) likenesses and more articulation (9 points). And the Zeo Megazord also adds a few joints for a fully articulated larger figure.

Take a look at some of the images from Pulse Con 2020 in the gallery below. Then let us know in comments which ones make you feel the power.

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