At Pulse Con, G.I. Joe Classified Adds Zartan, Firefly and More Troops

Making a U.S. military toy line in 2020 is obviously trickier than in the ’80s, especially when the bad guys are designated as terrorists. What helps G.I. Joe to survive is the science-fiction elements and supervillain-style weaponry and bases. Perhaps that’s why, when it came time at Pulse Con today to reveal additions to the 6-inch G.I. Joe Classified toy line, all four aligned with evil.

Zartan remains one of the most popular characters, so much so that the second feature film centered around his illegitimate presidency. The Alice Cooper-esque swamp dweller and leader of the maniacal biker Dreadnoks joins the new line shortly. Loaded with accessories, he includes the classic mask and removable hood. But his accessories get weirder, including a monkey’s paw with some bent fingers indicating possible cursed wishes. And a severed snake head, to indicate that Cobra doesn’t control him. Zartan will also be the first figure in the line to use pinless arm articulation.

The Cobra Infantry trooper comes to mass retail, after the regular trooper only came to Target. Both figures share some parts, but with different paint jobs. The weapons peg systems allow for multiple equipping options to change up their look. As far as the Target exclusive Cobra Island line, that will add the Cobra Viper, and explosives expert Firefly. The latter now comes with a new drone sidekick that attaches to his backpack.

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But there’s still some love for 3.75-inch figures. The retro-collection at Walmart includes an all-new F.A.N.G. Cobra gyrocopter with a new pilot figure. Additional figures in the line, which incorporate some old and new parts, include Destro, Scarlett, and Roadblock.

Check out all the new reveals below, and look for the new Classified figures to go up for preorder at and Hasbro Pulse later today. Will you grab some of these snakey soldiers? Let us know in comments.

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