Henry Golding Confirms Snake Eyes is a Reboot of the G.I. Joe Franchise

Next year, the G.I. Joe brand will return to theaters with a standalone film centering on Snake Eyes. Although the movie serves as an origin story for Snake Eyes, it also features appearances by several other G.I. Joe staples, including Scarlett, Baroness, and Storm Shadow, all of whom are being played by actors who are new to the franchise. Everyone assumed that a new cast meant that the upcoming film is a reboot. Regardless, Henry Golding made it official in a new interview with NME.

Golding confirmed that Snake Eyes will launch a brand new G.I. Joe cinematic universe. And if the film does well enough, we may see even more characters headlining additional spinoffs.

Snake Eyes has just blown me away,” said Golding. “They’ve recreated G.I. Joe into something very cool and a far throw from what we’ve seen thus far on the big screen. I think there’s room for many spin-offs, to be honest. This, I think, will be the launch of a brand-new franchise.”

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Golding inherited the Snake Eyes role from Ray Park, who played the mute commando in the last two G.I. Joe films. But while Park is a trained martial artist and stuntman who has experience with demanding action scenes, Golding is a different story.

“To be honest, it was painful,” added Golding. “It’s definitely much more of a martial arts film than a superhero movie. It’s very, very physical. I f***ing hated it in the beginning because I couldn’t even squat down and go to the bathroom. The first week was literal hell. I think I cried on the phone to my manager. I was like: ‘I don’t know what I’m doing!’”

Paramount was originally hoping to release Snake Eyes back in March. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the film will now hit theaters on October 22, 2021.

Are you excited to see what Paramount has planned for the future of G.I. Joe? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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