Marvel Legends Pulse Con Reveals: Spider-Verse, House of X, Villains, Games

Because so many Marvel movies have had to reschedule their cinematic bows by another year, Marvel movie figures did not show up in force at Pulse Con 2020. In fact, the only movie representing was Into the Spider-Verse, which initially spawned mostly kid-centric toys until Marvel realized how much adult fans loved it too. The next Spider-Man wave will include several animated movie characters, including new and more screen-accurate versions of Miles and Gwen. The latter packs in a Spider-Ham as well, though his only articulation is a ball-jointed neck. The build-a-figure in that wave is a comic-based Stilt-Man, who can grow as tall as collectors want thanks to connectable leg extension parts that come with that wave’s Hand Ninja figure. And there were plenty of new comic-based Marvel Legends Pulse Con reveals.

A new wave based on the Marvel’s Avengers video game features Atmosphere Armor Iron Man, Stealth Captain America, and Joe Fixit build-a-figure, with comic-based Thunderstrike, Kang, Falcon, and Jocasta. X-Men’s House of X/Powers of X wave includes Moira, Professor X, and Magneto. An all-villains wave offers a newly sculpted Dormammu, along with Arcade.

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Then we saw a few figures not bound to any particular wave. A deluxe Infinity Gauntlet Thanos comes newly sculpted based on the original comic. Walgreens lands a future Silver Surfer, straight out of recent comic storylines. Target gets retro-carded Gambit and Rogue, with a few resculpted parts. And Firestar, best known from the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon, finally gets some Hasbro love.

In addition to all that, a nearly four-foot long Stormbreaker with lights and sounds joins the prop replica lineup.

Get a gander at all the announced figures in our gallery below. Got some thoughts on these reveals? Let us know them in comments!

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