McFarlane Dune Figures House Atreides Wave Revealed

Sometimes when McFarlane Toys grab a movie license, they can seem cautious, and only put out one or two figures. Bloodshot, from earlier this year — yes, that movie came out this year — is one such example. For Dune, however, it looks like they’re going big. Dune has a lot of characters to get to. Rather than simply doing the best of the best, the McFarlane Dune line kicks things off with a build-a-figure wave that’s mostly members of House Atreides. We get Duke Leto (Oscar Isaac), Paul (Timothee Chalamet), Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), and Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa).  [UPDATE: Readers have suggested that’s actually Javier Bardem’s Stilgar rather than Duke Leto. While we await a press release to accompany the image, they are most likely correct]

And it’s a build-a-figure wave: each figure comes with a piece of a fifth figure, which we will discover tomorrow. Every character wears the moisture-conserving Stillsuit, for survival on the dry planet Arrakis.

If the wave stays Atreides-themed, the fifth figure would likely be Gurney Halleck, the weapons master played by Josh Brolin. Fun fact: Patrick Stewart filled that role in the ’80s David Lynch film.

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But we have many major characters yet to come. The decadent and evil House Harkonnen, and the nomadic desert-dwelling Fremen need more representation. Presumably they’ll get a wave or two if this first batch sell. Each figure thus far looks to use the standard 22-point McFarlane articulation system. And it wouldn’t be like Todd to resist a sandworm.

Will you pick up this first wave of Dune figures? Let us know in comments!

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