Cancelled Mattel Batman Prototype Offers Glimpse at What Could Have Been

Cancelled Mattel Batman Figure Offers Glimpse at What Could Have Been

Most fans agree that Mattel‘s stewardship of the DC Comics and Batman license was hit and miss. By the time the Aquaman and Wonder Woman movie lines came around they did good work, but for every Michael Gough Alfred figure, there were disappointing Justice League offerings. McFarlane Toys has the rights now, but toy designer David Vonner just broke many collectors’ hearts by revealing a Batman prototype he mocked up for Mattel. He writes that, “an attempt was made to introduce these into the line. To bring a new, more robust look to the figure and possibly the line as a whole.”

Found via Toy News International, which clarifies that Vonner now heads up Mattel’s WWE line, this Batman looks more like a Hasbro Marvel Legends figure. In both a Hush variant and classic colors, it also looks a little like NECA’s Alien-fighting Batman. Rather than using a basic muscle body, the sculpt makes clear that there’s clothing stretched over an admittedly Herculean frame.

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Technically, of course, McFarlane took over the 7-inch figure category, previously held by DC Direct. So if someone else wanted to do six-inch DC figures, that might not be impossible. But this particular figure is likely to remain only in our dreams. And on a private Mattel HQ shelf somewhere.

Would you like to see this sort of figure become real? Let us know in comments.

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