Marvel Legends Pairs Rogue and Pyro in a Two-Pack

“Pyro will turn you to toast!” Nobody who played the X-Men arcade game on the double-wide console back in the day will ever forget that taunt. Nor, it seems, will the Marvel Legends team, who have explicitly made it a goal to get all the game character costumes into figure form. Rogue may not have been in the game, but this version of her costume also needed doing. So now we get both Rogue and Pyro in one fell swoop.

The Rogue figure also marks the first time Hasbro‘s Marvel team uses a new pinless leg joint system on a female figure. Female arms typically use disc-and-pin ball joints at the elbow, and have for a while now. But the legs, just as with their male counterparts, always showed visible pins before. Pyro reuses a standard base body, so he’s not there yet. The first male figure to use non-visible pins is expected to be Old Man Hawkeye.

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Preorders begin now at Hasbro Pulse, with a price tag of $49.99. That evens out to around $25 apiece, which ups the price form the usual $20. Whether that’s because it’s considered “premium” or just an across-the-board hike, we don’t yet know. Rogue and Pyro both include alternate heads and hands, as well as detachable fireballs. Get some closer looks at both figures in the gallery below, and expect delivery in November.

Will this figure set fire up your roguish impulses? Comment below and let us know.

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