Seasonal Gremlins Figures Go Back to School and Take Christmas

Is Gremlins a summer movie, or a Christmas movie? Like Die Hard, this could become a regular topic of online debate. It came out in the summer with massive waves of merchandise attached, yes. While set around Christmas, it features none of the usual holiday movie tropes about saving the season specifically. The best present gets returned at the end. But whether or not a movie actually is seasonal never used to stop studio marketing wizards. In the heyday of newspapers, movies that stuck around in theaters through a new holiday inevitably got new ads depicting the main character in appropriate attire. Whether or not they ever wore it in the film itself. And those ads have now given rise to seasonal Gremlins figures.

Gremlins stuck around for a long time, back when it was uncommon for movies to get home video release in less than a year. NECA‘s summer exclusive figure already represented the summer 1984 ads that parodied the Olympic games. But when the movie stayed through August and September, the back to school ads followed. And finally, for one last holiday push, Christmas.

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Look for the school Gremlin to arrive appropriately in late August/early September, complete with such accessories as a baseball glove and Gizmo lunchbox. Later in the fall, to give enough time to deliver to twisted kids’ stockings, Santa Gremlin brings holiday cheer. With a smaller Mogwai in his sack. Christmas-themed figures generally do well for NECA, as the company also has the Misfits’ Fiend mascot coming in a Santa suit And last year’s Christmas caroler Gremlins sold out.

Take a look at some images below. Then tell us in comments what seasonal Gremlins figures you’d like to see next.

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