McFarlane Toys’ Next DC Figures Feature Even More Batman

The toy company that Todd built inevitably discovered what many knew before. When it comes to DC Comics toys, Batman equals money. Heck, a real-world Bruce Wayne could probably remain a billionaire solely by licensing his own secret identity. And everyone knows Todd McFarlane is just a huge fan of massive, winglike capes in general. Just announced for Comic-Con@Home, McFarlane Toys‘ Next DC figures waves showcase more Dark Nights: Metal, and the Arkham Knight video game.

From the latter, Batman and Deathstroke arrive in stores this fall. As befits the intricate designs for the game, the figures amp up the detail on their armored suits. And unlike the first Arkham Asylum figure, this Batman gets double-elbow joints for more action posing.

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The Dark Nights: Metal wave includes an army builder and a build-a-figure. Collect Robin Earth-22 figure from the comic book series, Superman the Infected, Batman, and The Batman Who Laughs with Sky Tyrant Wings to assemble The Merciless. Robin gets three different heads, which sound like they will be sold as separate figures rather than an all-in-one. (The company’s press release reads, “Find all 3 to build your own army.”)

UPDATED: two multi-packs as well. Nightwing vs. Red Hood and Batman Earth -52 vs. The Flash.

UPDATE 2: Animated style Cyborg, Rebirth Flash and Joker, and Azrael in Batman armor from Curse of the White Knight.

Finally, Flashpoint Batman:

What DC or Bat-family toys would you like to see next from McFarlane? Comment below and let us know!

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