Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown Joins NECA’s Back to the Future Toys

What’s that phrase? Great Scott! NECA scared many fans who’d waited years for Back to the Future toys when the first wave didn’t include the franchise’s costar. When they announced an animated Dr. Emmet Brown, but not one with a Christopher Lloyd likeness, many feared that the actor didn’t sign on. However, now it’s clear that much like the big-screen Doc Brown, Lloyd and NECA kept us in suspense only to pull through at the last minute. Lloyd joins Michael J. Fox and Tom Wilson in the line, and if they sell well, multiple variants of each will undoubtedly arrive.

This particular version, based on the first film’s 1955 scenes, includes clock tower blueprints, monkeywrench, gloved hands, and an extra head that looks even crazier than the first. A 2015 version with mirror shades, and a wild west blacksmith outfit variant, seem like no-brainers.

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NECA’s also going to need to do Einstein at some point. Doc without a dog just doesn’t feel right. Maybe an accessory pack, for all the weird inventions too numerous to pack in with each figure.

What would you like to see next in the Back to the Future figure line? Could Crispin Glover ever put aside his grudges to approve his own toy likeness? Let us hear your thoughts in comments.

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